Sunday, October 14, 2012

"Autumn" Fern Coppedge

25 x 30", oil on canvas

You've undoubtedly heard of the Impressionists, and the American Impressionists...but do you know of the Pennsylvania Impressionists ? Fern Coppedge was one.

"Born in 1883 on a farm near Decatur, Illinois, Fern Isabel Coppedge would later recall how her vision of nature as a child was different from that of her peers: “People used to think me queer … because I saw deep purples and reds and violets in a field of snow.” "

"A landscape artist, Fern Coppedge painted the villages and farms of Bucks County, often blanketed with snow, as well as harbor scenes from Gloucester, Massachusetts, where she spent her summers. Coppedge worked directly from nature; like her colleague, Edward Redfield, she tied her canvas to a tree, during winter storms."

From the Michener Art Museum website, in Pennsylvania.