Friday, July 23, 2010

CARF Butterfly

H.M.Craig, "What Lies Within Us", acrylic and oil on hardwood panel

Good news!  The above painting has been selected to be in CARF International's corporate collection! CARF International is a nonprofit organization that works on accreditation for rehabilitation facilities  (like the one I went to).  They had an art call for people who have been or are going through rehab.* There were about 1,000 submissions.    I consider myself lucky to have been picked.

Even better news, some new friends of mine, Luca and Sebouh, also had pieces selected! They have also had brain injuries and are very passionate about creating art. We have come to know each other because we all volunteer at Spaulding Rehab hospital's Peace Art Gallery committee.  Joan Horgan, the head of the committee, made sure our achievement was celebrated and brought in a wonderful chocolate ganache cake with all of our names on it. We met David Storto, who offered his congratulations.  We were also given a toast by another great lady....... who's name I totally forget (memory problems), but I can tell you that she had a beautiful green necklace (me and shiny things, go figure).  There were pictures taken, and Sebouh declared us to be the "Dream Team".

*art therapy is a big-time healer of minds and lifter of spirits!

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