Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Bringing It All Together

H.M. Craig, "Bringing It All Together", approx 32x20", acrylic on canvas

G and I have a great friend (B) we met through rock climbing. He's one of those guys that gets along with everyone, is really fun to be around, and has a really great perspective on life. He has helped us out a great deal.  

I wanted to do a quasi-portrait of B, something that captured him without being a full on portrait. I had an intent of doing something that would always remind him of one of his favorite things...rock climbing. So, I asked to borrow his trad rack (climbing gear). He loaned me all 437 pieces (I exaggerate, but he's got a lot of 'tools'). I took a whole lot of reference pics of carabiners, ropes, slings, prussicks, nuts, cams........mostly a lot of metal and rope-type things. I ended up settling on a bunch of carabiners...I was always enamored with the colored metal, but the function of the carabiner (brings everything together) coupled with B's identifying markings (blue and yellow tape) kind of fit in with my idea of being a portrait without being a portrait. B brings it all together for everyone.

 G lovin' some rock (see the house in the upper left corner?)

B and G do what is known as trad climbing. They climb places where there isn't protective gear, they put it in (and take it out) themselves. They carry all their gear with them as they climb. So, not only do they have to know how to climb, they also have to know how to set proper gear so they don't fall off the rock (and take the other person with them). They smoothly move up rock faces that are hundreds of feet high. Me? I am scared of heights, but am always thoroughly impressed with their adventures!

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