Friday, October 1, 2010

Art of the American Soldier

 Lerch as Desk Sergeant
Lerch as Desk Sergeant, 9x12", grease pencil on paper

I was in the Air Force. It was a short career, but also an experience that I wouldn't trade. The people I met and worked and became friends with are fantastic/wonderful/great/awesome. They continue to do great things, and I am proud of them.

A few days ago, I saw that the Constitution Center in Philadelphia was putting together a show of sorts, titled "Art of the American Soldier". And they wanted submissions.  I rifled through my sketchbook and found Lerch. I felt like I had won the lottery, and submitted the humble sketch.

Considering that I worked 12 hour shifts with my teammates, you would think that I would have more drawings of them. I'm kicking myself now because I didn't draw Red, or Collins, or Odgers, or Campbell, or Calabrese, or Weatherwax, or Horan, or Martinez-Caban....  the list goes on.  So, this little sketch actually means a lot to me.

You can see it (in the 1990's) and more like it at the link (it is a flash website, and takes a bit of time to load): Constitution Center- "Art of the American Soldier"


ResilientHeart said...

Thank you kindly for leaving a comment on my blog, it does my heart good to know something I've shared has helped another soul on this rugged path.

I'm very pleased to be following your blog, I am sorry we share a TBI in common, but your blog and your beautiful artwork are an inspiration.

Keep writing, keep telling your story. Our stories matter!

HMCraig said...

Thank you!

I think that the more people that I 'meet' with brain injury, the broader my vocabulary and list of symptoms (that I thought were just relegated to me) expands.

We have another thing in common... we both like critters! And...we were both extremely tired today.

I'm happy you like my art work!