Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Charlie Rose :Creative Brain

"Charlie Rose Brain Series Episode Twelve: Creative Brain, a discussion about creativity with artists Richard Serra and Chuck Close, neurologist Oliver Sacks, Ann Temkin, chief curator of painting and sculpture at The Museum of Modern Art and Eric Kandel of Columbia University"

53 minutes

(I must admit that I was painting while listening, so it lacked my full attention). 
I did pick up some interesting information from the discussion.  Chuck Close's methods- why he works the way he does.

"And Richard Serra and Chuck Close do not use the term "creativity" for
their own work.  They see themselves as problem solvers and see themselves 
as scientists do, they develop techniques for approaching it and as they 
reach one impasse or another they try to solve them. "
Oliver Sacks (neurologist): "It certainly entails the lifting of various inhibitions.  And when the 
left side of the brain gets damaged as with diseases or a stroke, you may 
have a relief of perceptual powers and artistic powers from the other 
hemisphere. " 
CHARLIE ROSE:  Let me ask you this because we touched on this earlier.  
What’s the evidence that if there is something wrong with right or left 
brain it enhances the ability of the other?  

 OLIVER SACKS:  Perhaps some of the clearest evidence or suggestion is 
the accounts of diseases or damage to one hemisphere.  So in the frontal 
temple part of the temple lobe is affected in the left hemisphere and there 
tends to be some release of activities in the right hemisphere.  

 ERIC KANDEL:  A 40-year old men who did little painting all of a sudden 
has an outburst of painting.  

 OLIVERS:  Or musicality.  

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