Saturday, April 24, 2010

Oh No (email problems and me)

Over on my website,, there is a contact me form. With a cool email address.
When I configured the email, I had set it up to forward to my gmail account (it's just easier having one email place considering my inability to remember multiple things like log-ins and passwords).  I emailed myself (heather at, and got an email in my in-box. Cool. Looks like it's working.

But, I haven't gotten email (from wonderful fantastic people).  I've actually been kind of bummed because of it. But, I didn't fret. Life goes on.

Yesterday, I was talking to my mother. She asked if I got an email. No, no I did not. She told me she sent it to my website address.                      Uh oh.

So, this morning I get into the super secret email (had to remember how to get into it). There are emails from wonderful people!  Oh my goodness!!     I am happy, but feel ashamed for not having enough marbles to figure this out earlier.

So, my apologies. I will be reading and getting to them this weekend.

And then I'm going to figure out how to forward them.

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