Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Saul Raisin (Raisin Hope)

Cycling. I love watching it. I love riding.
Lance is my favorite cyclist, mostly because he conquered something that he had no choice about, and then decided to completely dominate a race. I guess perspective is a good thing... beat cancer, guess I'll beat the Tour- can't be as hard as cancer.

I just learned of another rider (thanks to Joe's blog), who will also be one of my favorites. Saul Raisin.

Saul Raisin almost lost his life 4 years ago in a cycling crash (Giro d'Italia   Circuit de La Sarthe )that left him in a coma. He defied the odds in his recovery, and has returned to cycling (in the way of triathlons). From his site:

"Saul attributes his miraculous recovery to tremendous good fortune, great support from family, friends, and medical staff, and an absolute unwillingness to give up. He's determined to create a positive outcome from this intensely negative experience by inspiring other victims and their loved ones to fight with everything they've got, regardless of the odds. This is the mission behind Saul's first annual Raisin' Hope Charity Ride (March 31, 2007), his upcoming biography Tour de Life: From Coma to Competition (publication date September 1, 2007), and his relentless drive to compete in and win cycling's biggest races, including the Tour de France. Saul wants to redefine what's possible for brain injury victims, and there are a growing number of fans who believe that he'll do just that. In the hospital bed Saul said to his mother, "Mom if I ever get back to cycling I want to help people like me.""

Saul has a charity, Raisin' Hope. You can donate to help people with spinal and brain injuries.
There are also bracelets ($3 per, but you also have to buy the book, not a bad deal):

He also has a book, Tour de Life  

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