Monday, January 25, 2010

My Super Wonderful Dancin' Pirate Timer

My wonderful dear friend Kat got this for me a few years ago. She's funny and kind and intelligent.. and we both like corny jokes, LOL cats, and pirates.

The pirate dances to samba music when time is up. So instead of being anxious about the timer going off, I giggle and dance with him.

I used him before my brain injury. I like to bake, and nothing says double fun like a batch of brownies being ready AND a dancing pirate in your kitchen!

He is much more important after the brain injury. He is now my little art co-pilot. I set him up next to me when I am painting. Wind him up to 15 or 20 minutes. I started doing this on advice of my neurologist, who thankfully saw that painting is a love of mine, but too much might be bad. Too much thinking. So, I paint until the pirate is dancing to samba. Or I decide I've had enough, whichever comes first. It takes me a long while to complete a large painting because of this time restriction, which is a bit frustrating. I would love to paint all day. But I can't, and the pirate reminds me that even though I have a time limit, it's still fun.

And every time the pirate dances, I think of Kat. :)

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