Friday, January 8, 2010

Working with Bricks

I am trying to build a massive wall. It's a bit hard, though, because I have some limitations. I get confused by some relatively simple things (which will then occupy me for a while), and have a bit of a problem with sequencing. Throw in headaches and fatigue and it's quite the party!
My massive wall is what amounts to getting my artwork out in the world. This blog is a section of the wall.. The little things that go into this blog (such as deciding on a font for the text, or trying to write up a profile, or just adding a post) are each a brick. I'm pretty happy if I can get two bricks laid perfectly in a day. Then it is naptime, because those two bricks sucked the energy out of me.
I have laid down two bricks today (this post, and putting up a parked image* on my website). I am feeling pretty accomplished.

I will be posting my artwork, I promise. One brick at a time.

btw, I totally stole this idea. Will Smith. I couldn't watch it all the way through, because I can't focus that long, so I get to watch the rest later.

*I already had a website, but didn't have content on it. So, while I was paying for the website, the hosting company was using it as advertising for themselves. I just made a quick (as quick as I can move...which isn't that quick) image to claim my space.

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