Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Administrative Artist (or the beautiful life)

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There is a book titled "I'd Rather be in the Studio", and it is a highly recommended tool to have for artists. There is another book titled "The Artist's Guide: How to Make a Living Doing What You Love". I know what the general perception by the public of artists is- people who get to play with paint/marble all day and have no adherence to the rigors of what the rest of our society has constructed to be a normal productive life (no 9-5).  So, here I was, a sundress wearin' croissant munchin' artist with paint up to my elbows, surrounded by flowers,  and a dreamy view of the world, when it really started to sink in.... there is a business side. There is a marketing side. There is an administrative side.   Uh oh.  Trouble in Shangri-La.

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No, not really... it sort of crept in every week. Blog. Check. Online website. Check. Submission forms for shows (with submission fee). Shipping arrangements for shows across the country. Inventory list (keep track of what paintings are where). Free online portfolio pages (to increase traffic). Marking things in the calendar with alarms (that pesky memory thing). Supplies log/ordering. Art Association memberships. .... 

This past week, though, it has been about business and post cards. One must have business cards. Postcards are also helpful to leave with artwork, just in case anyone has any questions about the artist or would just like something to hang on their refrigerator/cubicle/inspiration board.  So, I set out to design some. And then I had to find companies that would produce them (good quality for a reasonable fee). There is too much involved in something so simple (and my brain injury wasn't helping).  So, I made sure to order a lot, because I don't want to run out anytime soon, and start the whole process again (this may be a misstep, not sure yet).

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Yesterday, it was shipping and submission forms. Later on today, I am going to figure out how to get to a hardware store and get a hanging solution for a storefront. Tomorrow I have to deliver paintings, postcards, and a release form. After that, there is an art commission meeting. Sometimes, I am at stores (thrift, antique, grocery), looking for new objects to include in paintings.    I "work" on art all the time.  Just not solely on paintings.   

One of these days, I will figure out a schedule to relegate administrative duties to. The alternative plan is to get so fabulously well to do that I can hire an assistant. Wouldn't we all like assistants? 

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