Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Sherrie Wolf

Sherrie Wolf "Still Life with Venus and Cupid", oil on canvas, 60x48", 
ref: Agnolo Bronzino 1540-1550

Sherrie Wolf works on paintings on a few of my favorite things. Floral Still life with references to art history. It is not hard to find the references, as they are major characters in her large scale paintings.
 "With one foot in the past and another firmly in the present, I create a dramatic staged setting for my still life images. Appropriating art-historical references as windows to the past, I am paying visual homage to great European and American painters who have led me to where I am today as a contemporary artist." 

Sherrie Wolf "Sealife" oil on canvas, 48"x72"
ref: Noel-Nicolas Coypel, 1628-1707

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