Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Butterfly For My Sister

HMCraig, "Butterfly for My Sister", 16x20, oil on hardboard panel

I think this was the first oil painting I have ever done. Coming from an acrylic background, oils were a bit tricky to work with. There was a lot of wait time for the paint to dry enough that I could add another distinctive layer, and not turn the whole project into what's known as mud. 

Kind of a funny little story about this piece... I was working on it for my sister. When I was getting close to finishing the painting, G walked in and exclaimed "I really like that one".  While he is really supportive of my painting, it's rare that I get this kind of reaction out of him.  I hung my head and sighed. The butterfly already had a destination, and it was not to be on our wall.

The reason for me sighing..  A few years ago, I was working on a painting for a friend. The subject was a woman, in a very Klimt inspired environment.  G walks over and says... "I really like that one!". 
It seems he only likes the pieces that already have a specific destination (again, on another person's wall).

This will probably play out again when I work on a piece for my brother. And I will hang my head again. And smile. Maybe chuckle a little. 

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