Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Virginia Katz

Virginia Katz, Momentum, strips of accumulated paper, 50"x36"

According to her website, Virginia Katz "takes her cues from her environment".  The piece pictured above, Momentum, was made using found strips of paper.  There are also pieces in which trees and the wind participated in, because Katz attached a pen to a branch ... which yielded beautifully moving results.

In the body of work entitled "Atmosphere", she constructed pieces concerning "The web of air traffic over the United States and Europe, within a 90 minute period, was downloaded and charted."

Virginia Katz "Form and Function (Country Interaction) Euro air, May 23, 2004, 8-10 p.m."
Oil on Matte Acetate ,4' x 3', 2004

" Form and Function ..." detail

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