Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Shin Hanga

 Kawase Hasui, Moon at Magome

I was lucky a few years ago to catch an exhibition of Shin Hanga (new prints). Honestly, I didn't know too much about them going in. I left the Sackler amazed, wowed.... in love. As a child of nature, I immediately recognized that the artists were in tune with the earth. The light, the trees, the water.  Don't get me started on the color.

 Kawase Hasui, Morning at Beppu

The artists were absolute masters with light, and very perceptive of how the light affects the subjects.

Here is a great series of prints of the same subject, but showing how manipulating color can affect the mood and time of day. Click next to see the next prints.

My favorite artist is Kawase Hasui. His pieces are on this post. I could very easily look at them for days at a time.  You can check out a lot of his work here.

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