Thursday, February 25, 2010

A Good Resource

I stumbled upon 
It looks to be a site that is very useful, inspiring, and informative for survivors and families.
It is an information goldmine, and I highly recommend checking it out.

And there are pictures by brain injury survivors that have captions describing what they are experiencing.  The picture below is just a jpg and won't actually play anything..

 Brain Injury X-Posed: The Survivor’s View
What does it feel like to live with a brain injury? What are the issues and concerns of survivors? How do they cope? Where do they find comfort, support, and hope?

Brain Injury X-Posed: The Survivor’s View is a photographic exhibit created by eight members of the Brain Injury Association of Massachusetts Framingham support group. Each participant in the project took photographs and wrote personal narratives that reflect their experience living with brain injury. The exhibit was on display during March 2009 at the Massachusetts State House in Boston.
“Taking photos and talking about them helped to peel away the layers of issues and emotions like the layers of an onion,” says Barbara Webster, facilitator of the Framingham group, who also sustained a TBI.

I have talked to Barbara on the phone, she has been really helpful and nice.

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