Saturday, February 6, 2010

Influences (teachers edition)

Gorgeous jewelry design by Linda Moughemer

Teachers that made a lasting impact on me (in chronological order and with very brief description)

Mrs. Black-Elementary school art teacher. Art class was by far my favorite class. Scented markers, paste, glitter, paint, tissue paper....happiness.

Mrs. Schroeder-2nd grade teacher who helped my family out by getting me into (I believe with help from Mrs. Black) and taking me to Art Farm. Art Farm was a summer day camp where we made everything from ceramics to batik to watercolors of the farm surroundings.

Mr. Smith-5th grade teacher who allowed me to learn how the black room (photography) worked. He also advocated healthy eating (more veggies, less ice cream), and taught us about human rights by showing us the civil rights documentary, Eyes on the Prize. I think I partially owe my vegetarianism and any athletic events I have participated in in my adult life to him.

Mrs. Westervelt- 6-8th grade physical education teacher who was always bright and cheerful, but she still commanded respect. She was always nice to everyone, and she encouraged my artistic endeavors, even in gym class.

Mrs. Payne- American History teacher who encouraged me to be creative with her timeline projects. The timeline project was just that, a simple timeline showing events. I decided to take a cue from the school's stained glass windows, and proceeded to emulate stained glass with watercolor and ink. This was great fun for me, but apparently not so great for the classes that followed me (my brother hated doing timeline projects because the bar had been raised).

Linda Moughemer- Art teacher extraordinaire. She expected more of us. Her vocabulary was immense, and her eloquence often confused us (she would tell us to look words up that we didn't understand). She lives and breathes art, and is a talented jewelry designer. Linda was responsible for me getting into NYSSSA. I think that she was instrumental in getting me out of my shell and out into the world. She was aways dressed like a lady, and has the most beautiful silver hair.

Fran- Figure drawing Professor at Munson Williams Proctor Institute. While learning about the elegance and immediacy of gesture drawing, Fran also taught us to have a sense of humor and a thick skin concerning our art. Students taking their art too seriously and sensitive to anything but positive criticism were weeded out in that class.

Greg Lawler
- My 2d design, painting 1&2 Professor at Munson Williams Proctor Institute. I had been learning to paint in a very controlled manner, brushwork being somewhat precise. Greg stopped by my easel, and at that time, the blue green paint ran down the canvas, and I started freaking out.. he told me to "rejoice in the drip". I think this was my first lesson in happy accidents. "Rejoice" is named because of this incident.

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