Monday, May 3, 2010

Field Trip (big adventure, small steps edition)

My horizons are getting wider. I had a support group meeting this weekend, and G is pretty supportive in going with me, but the weather was gorgeous and ripe for rock climbing (I can't begrudge him for wanting to enjoy what he enjoys most).  So, G went and climbed in the sunshine at Rumney, NH. I learned about the Boston MBTA (G did help me figure out a good travel itinerary beforehand).

I haven't been on public transportation by myself since the accident. Before that, I had only been on the subway part. So, to throw the bus, the commuter rail, and the subway at me was an exercise in anxiety. To top it off, I had to be at a certain place by a certain time. I made sure I had my phone, GPS, and RoadID on me. I also had a list of itineraries organized according to time for my return trip.

Boston MBTA "subway" and commuter rail map (note, no bus routes), click for larger

Going in .... The bus was 20 minutes late. I had not even left my neighborhood, and I was already freaking out. But the weather was pretty (focus on the positive). When I did get on the bus, I learned that the large windows are great to look out at the local architecture. There were houses that I had not really seen before, with beautiful gardens.  On the bus, there was an interesting mix of people. An older gentleman sat next to me and proceeded to fall asleep. The guy in front of me looked like he just returned from a rave (he was covered head to toe in bright orange and yellow camouflage). Everybody kept to themselves, and I tried to keep from being the weird person that's always smiling for no good apparent reason (aka the crazy one).

As the trip progressed, I saw that this bus opened up possibilities for me. Not only was I able to get to my meeting, but a few of my favorite shopping places were on the route. AND there is an art gallery that I like. The bus is now my new treasure. When I feel the "need" to get out of the house, I'm not restricted to my neighborhood anymore. And after a hard days work worthy of some relaxation- G won't be met at the door with a needy brain injured individual yearning to go somewhere, anywhere in the car.  I can go by myself.  I can also go and get useful things from the stores on the bus route (therefore feeling more useful myself).

After a trip that included the meeting (I made sure to pass out fliers for the BIAC Bike-A-Thon), lunch with a friend, petting puppies, and a trip to the North End for some Modern Cannolis, I safely returned home, happy and tired.  When G returned safe from his epic adventure in New Hampshire, we sat out on the front porch and ate cannolis while comparing our day like chattering monkeys. He held my hand. It was a good day.

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