Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Upcoming Events

I've been accepted into a few shows/events over the past few days.  The dates and details have been posted at the top right of this blog. I am now really making sure to keep track of dates and times for drop off, pick up, and artist receptions (thank goodness for my iCalendar.. with alarms!).

First off...  Fresh & Fruity. A juried/curated show by Wendy Snow-Lang at Artist's Row in Salem Massachusetts, by the Salem Art Association. May 27- June 27. 

Yes, it's that Salem, the one with the witches and the trials.

Next up, Waltham Art Windows, to coincide with the Waltham River Fest! Artists were selected to show their work in store fronts along Moody street from June 11-July 30th.

 Waltham is the birthplace of the American Industrial Revolution, and was/is famous for watches (it's also known as Watch City). Abraham Lincoln and David Scott (Apollo mission to the moon- 1971) had Waltham Watches. The buildings that once housed the watch companies, now house artists and their studios- The Waltham Mills Artists Association Moody Street is known in the area as Restaurant Row, as it has a great variety of wonderful cuisine (yum!).

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