Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Mikel Wintermantel


My childhood was lived outside in the sunshine, rain, fields, creeks, lakes, and forests of upstate NY. Due to my parents insistence that we were better off out of the house, my siblings and I were tan sprites that flitted in and out of the woods,  making up and playing games with the neighborhood children.  Because of my 'outside education',  I can smell rain on a summer's wind, know which berries won't grant me a death wish if I decide to partake, and can spot and enjoy the sight of many animals. Because of this 'education', I had also learned to love the landscape. Multiple patterns, light, lines, and colors are made up by rolling hills, fields, trees. The large and changing sky contributes a variety of moods to the patterns of the landscape.

Mikel Wintermantel paints the landscape of my youth, in all of it's magic, mischief, and tranquility. He is a Copley Master who delivers beautiful luminous landscapes of New England and the surrounding areas. 

Autumn Spectrum
Enter the Fall
Frozen Morning
Kingsbury Pond
Moving Out
Vermillion Light
Wing Hollow Dusk
Bales in Twilight
Clouds in Town
Evening Tempest
Long Lake
October Ghosts

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