Thursday, May 13, 2010

Lilacs and Dogs

I got my hot little hands on a whole bouquet of Lilacs. I take many reference pics for my paintings, and while I was out enjoying the beautiful day with a whole lotta flowers, I made sure to have my doggies out and about, too. I thought they would roll around in the grass, wallow in the sunshine, and leave my flowers alone.  Beans and Sasha, it seems, had other ideas.

They are particularly skilled at photobombing. Photobombing is defined as showing up in pictures you aren't supposed to be in. Think... drunk guy in background at formal wedding picture. There are some examples here, here, here, and here.  The irony here is that when I am actually trying to take a picture of the girls, they zip off to the other side of the yard. I can't get them in the frame.

Bouquet of Lilacs eats Collie
Sasha, being eaten(?) by lilac bouquet

Lilac Sasha
"oh, you were taking a picture of these...???"

Beans, over the shoulder
Beans being cheeky.

Whisper Soft Fabric Softener
Beans, in an advert for something that smells wonderful. Watch out, Snuggle Bear.

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