Sunday, May 23, 2010

Northeast Prize Show

 HMCraig CAA Northeast Prize Show 2010
Heather with her painting "Clementines and Blue" at CAA's Northeast Prize Show

Thursday was a bit of an anxiety test for me. The Northeast Prize Show opening was that night. All day, I worried about whether there would be too many people there, I worried whether I could carry on a conversation with new people about art (having art conversations isn't easy). I worried about whether or not I should say something about my injury, just in case I said something outlandish. For the record, telling new people you have a brain injury is a conversation killer. I don't want anyone to feel sorry for me, but if I do something that I realize is odd, I want them to maybe understand why I said this or did that.  Social skills are a challenge.

I got so anxious that I couldn't take my nap.  THAT is a problem. It just magnifies my symptoms when I don't have sleep.

Thankfully, the show went well. I met new artists and saw beautiful work. An artist friend of ours showed up for support.   I had a great night and  couldn't stop smiling for hours!   Although, right before I fell into medicinal sleep, I asked G if I did all right with conversations. He said I did well.  Sweet dreams, indeed.

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studioJudith said...

Heather -
This is remarkable !
Such a special talent you have ... .

Thanks for leaving a thoughtful note on my blog. Wouldn't it be heaven to experience that enchanting exhibition at Kensington ? One of my blog friends was so inspired by the post that she planned a trip to London
(from Toronto) ... . . lucky girl!