Friday, March 12, 2010

Art Exhibit in Ireland

Artist Kathleen Poff (image from Kathleen Poff, featured in article)

I love finding articles like this.  My brain is kinda not working with me right now, so I am not especially wordy... but know that I am happy to see the good things emerging from bad experiences. The exhibit opens today, so let's all head to Ireland!

"A brain injury presents the person with many difficult challenges and they can be left feeling helpless and isolated but through rehabilitation some begin to find the old or new self. For families it is a very difficult journey as many are left to struggle alone with little supports. The brain injury is very complex and affects the whole family unit.

"Art is a medium of expression and it captures the essence of life post-and pre-injury and the changes that occur. We are therefore delighted to be launching our very first Art Exhibition as this is a platform for people to display their work with the hope that it will provide insight of ABI to the wider community and that their art will tell its own story," said the spokesperson.
Among the exhibitors is a Brosna native and self-described 'amateur artist', Kathleen Poff. Kathleen explained how Acquired Brain Injury Ireland helped her face her life's challenges

"I have been painting all my life. I first won the Texaco Childrens' Art Competition when I was aged eight.

In 2002 I suffered a Subarachnoid Brain Hemorrhage. I was first admitted to Kerry General Hospital then I.C.U Cork Regional Hospital and Beaumont in Dublin.

I spent years as a long stay patient in Kerry General Hospital from 2002 to 2007.

Initially I was a complete vegetable. I didn't even recognise my own children. Following intensive nursing care, occupational and physiotherapies I regained most of my faculties.

In 2007 I came to live in Limerick with A.B.I. Acquired Brain Injury Ireland and formerly The Peter Bradley Foundation.

With the help of the team here I am now fully independent. I resumed painting and have exhibited and sold several paintings since.

I am very involved in brain awareness week .I advocate for other people with brain injuries and I'm very happy to show my paintings in Castleisland," said Kathleen.

*ABI= Aquired Brain Injury

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