Monday, March 22, 2010

Dominic Casserly

I actually owe a lot to the incredibly talented and inspiring photographer, Dominic Casserly. We used to work together, and while I was focusing on a regular 9-5 job (ahhh, the American Dream) and putting my art on a back burner, Dominic was drawing inspiration from his life and travels and putting those experiences on canvas and paper. 

Dom has  ridden his bicycle across the United States twice. He has traveled to Costa Rica to film sloths at a special sanctuary. After Katrina, he hustled down to New Orleans and helped with clean up. His photos reflect his sense of adventure, appreciation of nature, and the human experience.

Dominic had a solo show that I attended, and it was there that I realized  I was essentially wasting away.... His photos and paintings of his travels, experiences, and views on life pretty much nudged me to experience my life more and express myself with paint. It also helped that his paintings were pretty large, I realized what an impact size could play in presentation.

From his website, :

"Photographer Dominic Casserly, from Holliston Massachusetts, uses his artistic vision and multi-media presentations to show people they can live their dreams. Dominic brings together his photography, video, and web presentations with an outgoing personality to showcase that an adventurous and outdoor lifestyle is fully possible in this day and age".

His work has been featured in Men's Journal,, WBCN; and in lectures at Harvard, Boston University, Rhode Island School of Design, and Massachusetts College of Art.

Here's to Dominic, he who shows us all that we can dare to live out our dreams. Thank you Dom!!

And to my readers... what is it that you have been thinking about doing, but haven't yet? What is stopping you?

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