Monday, March 22, 2010

Headaches and my Art Therapy


My headaches have gotten less frequent, less intense. Thank goodness.
I still get them. Mostly when I have to deal with paperwork and deadlines. Things that challenge my cognitive abilities and attention span.

Painting is the only thing that doesn't give me headaches. It is the best form of therapy I have. I get to play with colors and shapes in a very intuitive manner, and when I am done with a project, I have a solid result that contributes to a sense of achievement (if anyone with a brain injury feels the slightest amount of achievement, it's been a really good day).

I have had many things taken away from me in this past year.
My art, though, has grown to fill those empty spaces with small tatters of happiness. When I thought I lost my sense of self, I slowly regained it through my painting.

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