Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Paintings on Artfire!

Hello All!
I have put some new paintings on my Artfire page.

They are smaller than I usually work, and in a different medium. When I am inundated with flowers (gasp-what a horrid situation to be in!!), I sometimes like to make pieces that are still reflective of my fascination with nature, but of different subjects, and in oils. I take a lot of pleasure in making these little gems, these happy little secrets.

Behold! My Happy Little Secrets:

HMCraig "Blue Gem Butterfly"

HMCraig "Floating on Turquoise"

HMCraig "Turquoise Smokey Butterfly"

HMCraig "Jeweled Citrus"

HMCraig "Avocado"

All paintings are 6"x6", oil on panel (either hardwood or canvas).


I am trying to figure out the logistics of putting my larger pieces on, so, they will be up for sale too.

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