Thursday, March 25, 2010

Blah to Golden in 20 seconds flat

HMCraig "Clementines and
HMCraig, Clementines and Blue, 40x60", acrylic on canvas

So, I'm sitting here with a bit of a nagging headache. I don't even have any music/tv on because the quiet feels soooo goood.   I'm trying to be productive, but failing miserably... all in all, not a gold star day.

I read a comment about one of my Flickr uploads (the above painting, Clementines and Blue)

Karla Murray  (click on the link and see how talented SHE is)wrote:
"Ok... I'm a fan. Your work is way cool. I once met Janet Fish at an art exhibit in the fine arts center in Colorado Springs, Colorado. I have NEVER seen anyone else who compares to her except YOU. I hope you've got art dealers lined up around the block to get your work. You're that good!"

I swear on my dog's life that no money changed hands for this!

And now I am having a gold star day. ;)
Where's the ice cream?

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